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The Good, The Bad and The Irrelevant
We understand the good and the bad, and everything in-between. Sorting from the Android Marketplace of over 300,000 apps is no small task, but we have been steadily working towards finding the best stuff for the family, and providing you a breakdown from the cool along with the drool (our version of the good & bad) on all sorts of apps, not simply games.
All of the apps that people review must pass a precursory inspection before we're going to even consider them for our review process. This means that people only review apps who have some relevance to families, aren't malicious, and usually meet some substandard quality.

The Best of the Best
But despite the fact that all from the apps that individuals review meet these initial criteria, there exists still a tremendous difference between a sufficient app as well as a truly enjoyable app that surpasses our expectations.
It's always a delicacy to arrive at an app that is certainly rather well made, entertaining, engaging and possesses some kind of depth towards the interaction it provides. You can always tell when there was a supplementary amount of effort and love that are part of an app, and (coming from people who use and review a bunch of different apps) it's definitely appreciated.
These are the apps that differ from the rest, they may be a number of Famigo's favorites, and we believe your family will enjoy them as well:

Top Paid Apps

Cut the Rope - $0.99
A beautiful game with adorable characters and a gorgeous gui. It plays away from interesting and intricate physics puzzles. If Pixar had created a blockbuster app, this could be it. Although this more info app has been popular on Apple's app store for quite a while, it really is new to the Android Market.

Drawing Pad - $1.99
There get more info are several drawing apps available, as well as a bunch which can be supposedly designed especially for kids. From what we've seen, they're mainly lackluster. (Meaning they appear like bad rip-offs of Paint, with design queues extracted from the 1980s, not that we don't love the 80's, however, these apps aren't even trying to be retro!) This drawing read more app, however, is fantastic. It's clean, user friendly, and has a huge amount of selections for different colors and materials

X Construction - $1.43
We exactly like it a lot we keep on playing it, practically everyday, despite the fact that we've already reviewed it. It's challenging, sometimes frustratingly so, that is what keeps us coming back to it again and again. There's something about being in charge of a train completing its journey that's oddly satisfying.

Nano Panda - $0.97
There's one word that describes this app: adorable. It's another physics-based puzzle game, but it manages to be delightful through its action, graphical user interface, and too much use of pandas. In our eyes there's no such thing as a lot of pandas, which means this app provides the Famigo stamps.

Top Free Apps
This is often a vibrant colored, easy to play app that is fun for everyone. It has the ability of being multi-user, which we love. (It's always more enjoyable to experience together!) There's website a here particularly nice touch included in the sport, win an amount and you will probably see what we're discussing.

Angry Birds
This one really is obvious. When an app possesses its own type of kid's toys along with a movie in the works, you
know there's got to be something for it. What is that something? Probably the great graphics, cute characters, challenging gameplay and wide audience appeal. We'd happily buy a version without ads, but that's not a choice yet.

Shift Lite Puzzle Game
A really challenging puzzle game with a deceptively simple black and white look. Each level provides new (and progressively frustrating) challenges that could all be solved with four simple actions, finding out which from the four along with what combination could be the problem.

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